Our Process

Our growth mindset and partnership approach ignites purpose, passion and performance in your people.

A Partnership Approach

time2talk Leadership take a partnership approach with all clients.
Through the define and discovery phase we work to truly understand your organisation and align with the vision and purpose. Designing material that looks, feels, and uses the words and tone of the organisation is critical to building a program that is tailored specifically to the organisation’s personality.

Understanding key challenges, the culture, and people helps us develop content that resonates with participants. Working closely our partners means that case studies and activities are based on real life situations that translate directly into the workplace post program.


Diagnose and Identify

The first phase of any project is to research, examine, and investigate the current capability of the individual, team or organisation. During this phase time2talk Leadership work with key contacts and stakeholders to understand the organisation’s vision, strategies and values. It is important to first identify which components of the key Pillars of People Performance – Leadership, Communication, and Culture – are most valued, define the program objectives, and measurements of success.

Design & Develop

Curate & Customise Content

Each program is tailored specifically to the needs of your market and industry, your culture and values, and customised to align with your organisations goals and strategy. The time2talk team design and develop your program taking into account all the information collected in the research phase.

During this phase learning outcomes and strategies are designed, methodology for delivery is determined, and program details signed off. The time2talk program developers produce all learning materials and program assets. These range from workbooks, instructor guides, elarns, QRG’s, internal and self assessment, presentation aids, and pre/post work programs all to maximise participant’s learning experience.

We work with the you to curate a development experience that aligns with participants needs using appropriate language, models, and processes that compliment organisational systems that may already be in place. In this phase you will collaborate with the t2t team on your program content to ensure your desired outcome is achieved.


Blended Delivery Options

Once your tailored solution is designed and developed it can then be delivered by a time2talk Facilitator, or handed over to be delivered by your own leaders with facilitation capability. A time2talk Facilitator will bringing expertise, energy, engagement and all round excellence to your program. If the task of delivery is handed over, it is typical that we will present your leader will a Train the Trainer session, so they are well versed in the content, have ample opportunity to clarify any concerns, and gain confidence with the chosen systems and models.

The development of each program is customised as is the delivery.


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Face2Face Facilitation

A time2talk facilitator brings expertise and energy to every workshop and will inspire your teams.

In House Facilitation

We know that you know your people best and sometimes that means handing over programs to be facilitated by you.

Virtual & Digital Solutions

Today's workplace can be a mix of the office or the home and your teams learning shouldn't suffer because of the flexibility you provide.


Organisation Development doesn't (usually) happen overnight, we develop programs that span from 15 minute elearns packages to year round coaching.

Lunch & Learns

These virtual workshops are bitesize learning modules that run for 90 minutes and are a great way to see just how great a time2talk workshop is!
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Evaluate & Support

Continued Partnership

A tailored solution will include post implementation review with key stakeholders and, if desired, an ongoing plan for sustaining and embedding the learnings will be discussed post program to continue our pertnership.

  • Follow Up
    At the completion of your customised program it is important to review and evaluate its impact and effectiveness. As a partner, time2talk will continue to support your growth with follow up surveys, intermittent evaluation and further resources.
  • Resources
    When designing your program it is important to keep in mind that some team members may require further support. We have a library of high value resources that will support your team through their continued development.
  • Leadership Coaching 
    Often individuals who are passionate about leadership thrive with continued support and coaching. The time2talk team offer coaching programs to help you prepare and develop your professional status and skills.
  • Connect with a Community of Practice
    People leaders across all sectors industries share a passion for community.
    We foster this passion with our People and Culture Networking group and public events throughout the year. This is a space to create connection and build capability through mentoring networks, coffee connects, community skill share programs and more.

Are you looking for a partner to solve the puzzle with or just need the missing piece?

We can partner with you for the whole journey or step in and manage any piece that you need help with. Our expert design team can assist you through any part of the design process and linking it seamlessly to building the best program for your people.

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