What is the role of the P&C community in creating Psychological Safety?

People & Culture Masterclass: Psychological Safety

May 24th 2023 | 1.30pm – 3.00pm | via Zoom

time2explore the changes and challenges of
Psychological Safety and the changes in regulations
and the impact for HR, P&C and learning.

Today’s workplace is complex and challenging. Creating psychological safety can assist with performance and productivity which makes for a better workplace culture.

Organisations are being asked to:

  • identify current and potential psychosocial hazards within the workplace
  • review current measures in place to minimise risks to health and safety from psychosocial hazards
  • expect a greater need for processes and support systems

This requires a change in leadership capability, and potentially for many, a new set of skills. Educating our people on workplace behaviour and the benefits of a positive workplace culture requires focussed discussions and workshops that prompt a mindset shift and changes in behaviour.

How do we drive this from a P&C perspective and lead a physically and psychologically safe workplace culture.

Join us for a Psychological Safety Masterclass and explore the evolving needs of the 2023 employee. Share ideas, successes, and challenges with our metro and regional P&C network..

May 24th 2023 | 1.30pm – 3.00pm | via Zoom

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