How many generations are in your team?

People & Culture Masterclass:
Multigenerational Workplace

Taking Expressions of Interest

time2explore the changes and challenges of a
Multigenerational Workplace and strategies
for managing the new expectations

The multigenerational workplace is providing more challenges and opportunities for our leaders.

Research predicts that Millennials will make up 75% of the Australian workforce by 2025. As the newer generations make up a higher percentage of the workforce, leaders need to respond to wide variety of needs and expectations. Gen Z and Millennials are building their careers and looking for challenges, while Gen X and Baby Boomers share the drive to improve work/life balance, and begin to look at life outside fulltime work.

How do workplaces and leaders build supportive, collaborative and productive environments, while also appreciating, celebrating and retaining organisational knowledge?

How do we work with these differences to create
synergy rather than silos?

It is time2explore the latest research and discuss strategies on how to manage these challenges and lead a culture that celebrates the richness of our generational cultures.

Join us for Leading a Multigenerational Workplace masterclass and explore of the needs and strengths of employees Gen Z to Baby Boomers. Share ideas, successes, and challenges with our metro and regional P&C network.

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