“You can’t ask other people to believe you and vote for you if you don’t back yourself.”

– Jacinda Ardern

The following programs are highly recommended for individuals or groups wanting to improve aspects of leading self:

Working With Emotional Intelligence

This workshop explores the set of skills that define how effectively people perceive, understand, reason with and manage their own feelings and the feelings of others around them. These are the skills that enable people to bring consistency, creativity, respect and knowledge to their business relationships. Participants will be given techniques on how to manage their emotional reactions at work, and following this program they will understand the actionable and accessible concept of emotional intelligence and it’s workplace application. Participants will be enabled to foster a more positive environment for themselves, their colleagues, and their organisation.

Building Resilience & Increasing Your Personal Productivity

Today’s workplace is hectic, fast paced and demanding. People are being asked to “do more with less”, “work smarter” and be agile enough to “just do what the business needs”. This workshop aims to set your team members up for success in today’s demanding workplace. It will assist them to work on their personal productivity and engagement, and in turn assist them to engage others. They will walk away with practical strategies for improvement, an action plan for change, and support for implementing change.

Influencing & Negotiating For Success

Strong influencing and negotiation skills are the key to successful business outcomes. Many people struggle with asking for what they need, and they are left walking away from interactions asking themselves “What just happened?”. This workshop is designed to give participants strategies and tools to influence stakeholders and to negotiate win/win outcomes that are critical to an organisation’s success.

Assertive Communication

Have you said yes and agreed to something simply to keep the peace?
Do you sometimes wish you had spoken up sooner?
Have you ever avoided giving or asking for feedback?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then developing your assertive communication skills will increase your day to day effectiveness at work and at home. This workshop will give you a better balance and help to assist building productive, authentic relationships.

Embracing Change & Building Resilience

We know that change is the trademark of the modern organisation. We know it can be challenging, and that those who are successful are those who can embrace it. This course equips all staff to be resilient in a change environment, to embrace change, and become change champions. We explore the change process from an organisational and individual perspective, and look at how to prepare participants to be more resilient in order to cope with the challenges that constant change can bring.

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