“The ability to learn is the most important quality
a leader can have.”

–  Padmasree Warrior (CEO & Founder, Fable)

Leadership is one of the key determinants of culture. We lead by example and set the tone and direction from the front and people will determine what is acceptable from our leadership actions and behaviours.

The following programs are highly recommended for individuals or groups wanting to improve aspects of leading others:

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Emotional intelligence evaluates a set of skills that define how effectively people perceive, understand, reason with and manage their own feelings and others around them. This workshop will focus on your ability to have greater self-awareness and in turn self-management strategies to improve your effectiveness. It will also enable you to be more socially aware, understand others and build stronger relationships to achieve better outcomes.

Emerging Leaders – Kick Start To Leadership

Many leaders are thrown into a ‘sink or swim’ situation when moving into their new leadership roles. Coaching, giving feedback, motivating your team, decision making and problem-solving are all day-to-day functions that are required to engage your people and achieve outcomes. Our Emerging Leaders program is specifically designed for emerging and new leaders to help build skills and provide them with a toolkit to effectively lead their teams.

Ascending Leaders : Stepping Up to Senior Leadership

The transition for a frontline leader to senior leadership requires a mind shift. As you ascend to higher levels of leadership the gears need to shift from a more task focused operational approach, to a people focused strategic approach. This means resetting how you spend your time, approach your stakeholder management and drive culture.

Establishing the right work practices, operating rhythms and leadership behaviours in the beginning will set you up for success, secure your gravitas and earn you respect in the senior role. This program focuses on this transition, provides you with the tools to make the shift, and helps to further establish yourself in a senior/executive role.

Leading Change

Leading through change is an ongoing challenge. Leaders are required to embrace the change as well as guide their teams effectively through it. This workshop will assist leaders to examine the current changes in their working environment and gain some tools and strategies to more effectively lead, communicate and influence change in their organisation.

Problem Solving & Decision-Making

A changing world needs creative thinking and individuals  able to make decisions. Solving problems involves prioritising tasks effectively, and working effectively with others to find better ways forward. This workshop examines how to be solution focused and how to carry a decision through to execution in a timely manner. It will provide participants with the tools and strategies to make effective decisions and get results in a busy work environment.

Leading Projects

Leading and managing a project team can be challenging. From the onset, a good project management framework and practical tools for planning and executing the project are integral for success. This program will develop your leaders planning and implementation skills so they can work better together with their teams, manage multiple priorities, and execute a successful project.

Leading A High Performing Team

This workshop will assist your leaders to take the next step in supporting their teams’ growth. It will guide your leader to identify strengths and weaknesses in their team and use coaching and reinforcing skills to inspire teams to aim for high performance and achieve great results.

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