Leading Organisations

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

—Peter Drucker

Strategic Leadership

As leaders move up towards senior levels of the organisation, the shift from operational to strategic is critical. The leaders time needs to be spent in the leadership space and not the management space. Creating vision, influencing, engaging and inspiring others should be day to day practices. It’s less about the technical and more about the people. Being visible and present yet still spending time on planning, review and strategy can be a delicate balance. This program focuses on making the transition to senior and executive leadership roles. What does the journey look like? What are the critical success factors, and why should anybody follow me?

Strategic Planning

The success of leaderships is dependent on them working collaboratively as a leadership group and constantly reviewing, realigning, and setting plans for achieving their goals. Our expert facilitators can guide you through a strategic planning process with your teams and work with you to develop plans for future growth and success.

Leading Change and Transformation

Leading and managing change is an ongoing challenge. Leaders are required to embrace the change themselves, as well as guide their teams effectively through it. This workshop will assist leaders to examine the current changes in their working environment and gain some tools and strategies to more effectively lead and influence change back at work.

Leading a Performance Based Culture

This session aims to assist Leaders to focus on effectively driving a workplace culture that values and recognises performance. We lead by example and set the tone and direction from the front, while also noting that people will determine what is acceptable by the actions and behaviours of their leaders. Moving into a leadership role can be rewarding, challenging, and motivating.  This workshop provides participants with strategies to manage people to get the most of their performance, maximising their potential while also managing workplace behaviour to create the right team environment and framework for success.

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