Are we there yet?! 

As kids when our parents took us on a road trip we can all relate to the phrase “are we there yet?!”

As parent with kids you will have been on the receiving end from the back seat hearing incessantly “are we there yet?!”

Well for many this last lockdown feels like that, more wide spread, more severe and the goalposts have moved again. In the old days on a long car ride we would have played eye spy, sweet and sour, Simon says.

Cartoon Are we there yet?!

In more recent times the kids would focus on their DS, Nintendos, iPads/phones. Whatever distracts us from the long journey that seems never ending is worth giving a try.

Through this lockdown we have offered lunch and learns which have been well attended and focused on topics to help you through this challenging time.

We have seen some organisations set up team activity sessions such as trivia, tools down and game sessions on Zoom.

A little laughter can make the journey shorter.



Split image of virtual interactions and working

During lockdown it is more important than ever to manage change and uncertainty, and to create a place of psychological safety in a hybrid workplace.

We would like to offer you and your teams complimentary lunch and learns over the next 2 weeks so please join us for the distraction and an opportunity to laugh, learn and link up with others.

Lockdown learning complimentary sessions flyer