Georgia Bolton

Regional Facilitator

About Georgia

Georgia is a facilitator, presenter, and coach with delivery experience around the world. Facilitating in both F2F and virtual environments, Georgia has worked with all levels of management and senior leadership teams.

With a background in psychology, Georgia is passionate about understanding the way we think, feel and act, allowing for rich feedback and coaching opportunities. Georgia has also spent over 20 years as a professional actor, bringing energy and high levels of engagement to every session she delivers. Content expertise includes influencing others through persuasive communication, diversity and inclusion, leadership and change management. Key focus areas currently are mental health and wellbeing.

Bachelor degree in Psychology (Deakin University), Workplace Training and Assessment Cert IV, Disc qualified

Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. - Stephen Covey
Georgia Bolton
Regional Facilitator
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