The Multi-Generational Workplace

The Multi-Generational Workplace

About this program

Research predicts Gen Z and Millennials will make up 75% of the Australian workforce by 2025, given this shift leaders will need to adapt to changing needs and expectations of their people.

In this program, participants will explore the changes and challenges of leading mixed generations in their workplace.

Learning Outcomes

A tailored Multi-Generational workplace program will address specific concerns and challenges faced by you and your team members.

To help understand the potential of this program and how it would benefit your team, here are some common learning outcomes our clients address.

Identify key characteristics of current generations in the workplace
Reflect on their own unconscious bias with different generations
Build strategies to connect and work with the diversity and strengths of different generations in a single workplace
Develop action steps to overcome challenges and build an inclusive workplace that values all team members
Seamless, efficient, experts in your field. Overall very professional, easy to deal with and the workshops were very well received by the employees and leaders! Took on feedback well, adapted and changed materials as per requests with no issues.
Belinda Williams
HR Business Partner | Mercedes
I really loved the workshop and got so much out of it. The facilitator was an excellent presenter and I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their presentation or communication skills. - on Presenting with Impact
Liz Quinn
At times I doubt how I am going within my role. I had confidence at the end of this session that I was travelling quite well. Left with a big smile.
Team Leader
What I liked most were the theoretical frameworks that were provided. It was great to participate in discussions about what others had experienced and encountered.
The facilitator was very good, and the session was well run and in an open and welcoming manner. The content was though provoking.
Mark Keane
Senior Project Manager
The workshop was very interactive and every effort was made to make participants feel at ease. The Facilitator did a great job drawing us into the conversation. Tips from the other participants were very valuable.
Sue Portors
Development Supervisor

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