Managing Meetings & Making Minutes Matter

About this program

Australian businesses spend approximately $19 billion per year on meetings. Effective organisations strategically plan for effective meeting management to get the best return on investment for the time spent out of office.  Being a senior support professional you have a significant role in creating and maintaining a performance based meeting management culture.  The need to engage and influence the right people to your meetings, set an agenda, purpose and outcome along with follow up to ensure outcomes, and results are critical business skills in today’s complex and busy workplace. This workshop builds on Leadership Skills for Executive Assistants, and will equip you to take control of meetings and support your leaders in being as productive as they can be for your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of creating and maintaining and effective meeting culture
  • Develop clear direction on the need for an end to end process to secure business outcomes
  • Have a checklist for what each meeting requirements may be:  size of group, venue, layout, schedule, invites etc.
  • Gain strategies to engage and influence stakeholders to attend meetings
  • Effectively manage all stakeholders in the meeting process
  • Effectively maximize their leader’s goals and aims for the meeting
  • Gain assertiveness skills to challenge and improve meeting management practices
  • Have a template for best practice minute taking to get results
  • Practice and critique minute taking skills
  • Adapt writing style to ensure the message resonates with the receiver
  • Have a plan to ensure outcomes are actioned

Who should attend?

Executive Assistants, Office Managers, Administration Assistants, Support Staff and Administrators who would like to ensure effective meeting management.

What have others said?

“Very engaging, high participation”

“Enjoyed the role play, scrutinising each others minutes and obtaining feedback from the group”

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