Ask not what your team can do for you, but what you can do for your team.

Without warning can I ask you to work from home, integrate your work and home life, change your house around, work separately from your team mates, connect on a virtual platform, maybe even home school and continue to deliver on your KPI’s!?

Let’s face it we have asked a lot of our teams over the past 6 months and for the most part it  looks like they have stepped up and are giving it their best shot. In our interactions with many organisations per week both public and private, regional and metro, large corporate and small business, all their people are grappling with change but there is a need to press on and go the distance to come through the other side. With a glimmer of hope that restrictions will start to ease, the harsh reality is that many of us will be working from home for months to come and when and if we do go back to the office it will be different.

Any change is exhausting and can cause fear and anxiety. The conscious thinking associated with unplanned change and doing things in new and different ways can deplete our energy. At the moment the leader’s greatest challenge is to engage and motivate their people to go the distance. How do we keep up the momentum and support our teams through to the finish line?

Ask what you can do for your people, and in turn you will see greater engagement, energy, and motivation. We are working with many organisations providing key tools and strategies to energise, motivate, and engage their team members through this time of crisis. See how we can help you support your people with our recognition packs!