How to Lead with Hope during these turbulent times;
🌿Lead self first – Do your own hope health check- How optimistic are you about the future? What can you see moving forward? It is hard to lead others to a better place if you can’t see it yourself! What messages does your body language, energy level and choice of words give your team?
🌿Look beyond COVID – involve your team in strategic thinking about what the future may look like? What is possible? Share ideas, brainstorm and engage the team in the new way forward.
🌿Celebrate wins – reflect on what you are proud of and what you have achieved. How can this help you moving forward. How much more resilient and resourceful have you become over this period?
🌿Lift the energy – provide an environment that lifts the energy, introduce some fun into what has been an energy depleting period. Team games/trivia and humour can all assist to lift the energy. Support your teams health and well-being to get them future fit.
🌿Set new goals – reset new goals for the future state, give your team something to aim for and let them know you have their back. Safety and support are key components for them to feel confident they can move forward and achieve.