Feel like you are running a marathon? This week has seemed to be one of fatigue and exhaustion. Many people seem flat, low in energy and frustrated that the COVID journey is not coming to an end. The latest extension to restrictions has knocked the wind out of many of us and it is hard to muster up the energy to go the distance. We need to be like the people who hand water to the runners towards the end of the marathon to give them energy to get over the line. We also need to be managing our own energy and looking after ourselves
A few things we are doing to assist our clients are;
– Hour of Power on a Monday morning, an energetic kick start for the week.
– Lunch and Learns on topics to get you through including, Managing Fatigue, Mental Health, Resilience and Self Care
– Running trivia and activity sessions for clients just to have fun and inject energy in the team.
– Building team and individual energy plans
Actively look for ways to pick yourself and others up during this time, talk about this as a team and be aware when others are fading. Email us if you are looking for ideas. The finish is a bit further off than we thought but there is an end in sight.