How we’ve GROWN in the VIRTUAL space in 2021

In March 2020, time2talk held our first virtual facilitation session. Since then, we’ve spent many hours on Zoom, WebEx, Teams and Blue jeans. We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people in our vir2ual sessions, partnering in setting people up for success with 56 public vir2ual workshop sessions and many hours of in-house programs successfully running in 2021.

From our 90 minute Lunch and Learns- a bite sized opportunity to spotlight a development topic-to our full day and pathway programs, we have worked with people from different organisations and industries and have been well attended by both metro and regional based individuals.

Our virtual programs have brought people together across Australia and overseas from Vietnam, the Phillipines, Malaysia, USA, England, France and South America all jumping in for our sessions.

Time, travel and geography are far less of a barrier to growth that they might once have been.

Apart from seeing people learning the ins and outs of these new-to-many platforms we have seen people develop connections. As Australians have weathered the challenges of the pandemic,  vir2ual has elevated the access to learning for so many, without compromising the quality of the content, the coaching, the discussion and the feedback.

    What we thought were limitations of virtual- visibility, technology and the dreaded mute button-have become new tools in our tool kit.

    We’ve learnt ways to set up workshops in a way that supports learners to contribute, without needing state of the art equipment or special tech know-how.

    We’ve learnt the benefits of the Chat Bar, and how poignant a ‘thumbs up’ can be.

    We’ve glimpsed people’s spare rooms, study, kitchen table and work space.

    We’ve met furry friends and seen travel photos in the background. We’ve talked about challenges, met new people, learnt and had lots of laughs. We’ve been inspired by our participants and learning partners and discovered new music along the way!

    To everyone who has attended one of our virtual sessions, thank you for your generosity and curiosity. We’re continuing our face2face and virtual offerings next year, and looking forward to focussing on your growth.

    Pop it on the calendar for 2022- it might be the learning solution you’re looking for.

    Here is some feedback from our vir2ual sessions in 2021:

    “Ian was genuinely engaging, insightful and authentic. The structure helped me work through from concept to application. We had a small group which allowed us to have a good conversation.”

    “The amount of theory and practical reflection exercises- Mark is engaging and provides practical examples and opportunities for others to share in a relaxed, professional environment.”

    “The balance of theory, self reflection, interaction.”

    “Brilliant facilitator – really engaged with the group, understood participants and allowed for different type of engagement activities…”

    “Kerrie explained things very well and gave some good examples. She was pleasant and engaging.”

    “At times I doubt how I am going within my role. I had confidence at the end of this session that I was travelling quite well.  Left with a big smile.”

    Tania Le Page

    Lead Facilitator time2talk Leadership