Driving a Performance Based Culture

About this program

Leadership is one of the key determinants of culture.  We lead by example and set the tone and direction from the front, noting that people will determine what is acceptable by our leadership actions and behaviours.   Moving into a leadership role can be rewarding, challenging and motivating.  On the flip side, there are complexities dealing with people and strategically working with each individual to get the most out of their performance, maximise potential and manage workplace behaviour to create the right team environment and framework for success.  This session aims to assist Leaders to focus on effectively driving a workplace culture that values and recognises performance.

Learning Outcomes

Following the program participants will be able to:

  • Understand what drives a performance based culture
  • See the impact leadership behaviours have on culture
  • Know how to adapt their leadership approach to maximize motivation and performance
  • Understand the benefits of a feedback culture
  • Have strategies and a toolkit for running an effective performance review discussion.
  • Have a model for giving reinforcing and redirecting feedback
  • Have greater confidence in giving feedback and calling out inappropriate behaviour


This is a highly interactive program, which will provide participants with the tools to effectively drive a change of culture in their organisation/team.

Who should attend?

Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Coaches, Project Managers, HR Professionals and anyone who would like to more effectively drive a workplace culture that values and recognises performance.

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